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Environmental protection and renewable energy utilization engineering

Straw pelleting and briquetting fuel engineering

Engineering Introduction:

Engineering introduction:

China is a large agricultural country with very rich biomass resources.Every year about 400 million tons of straw and 300 million tons of wood organisms can be used, exploitation potential is enormous. Every year, in our country rural areas have plenty of straw throwed away or burned on the spot.Not only waste precious energy,but also pollute environment. Straw, peanut hull pelleting and briquetting, this development and utilization of renewable energy can save and take the place of abundant fossile energy, reduce pollution prominently , make rural energy profitable and supported by national relevant policy. In 1st, Jan.,2006, the country issued < The
Renewable Energy Law> and carried out relevant supporting policies about favourable on-grid price of biomass power, which make biomass power,especially straw cogeneration develop rapidly. China as a large agricultural country, has 400 million tons of straw and 300 million tons of wood biology can be biomass energy. Wheat straw, rice straw,vegetable seed straw,corn straw, sorghum straw,cotton straw,mulberry bar, Pennisetum hydridum……

ZCME group attended the 11th five years program for National Science and Technology development,straw pelleting and briquetting fuel reform processing equipment made progress in the phase.ZCME successfully developed straw briquettes fuel processing unit,providing a new processing equipment for clean renewable energy of China rural.
It realises crude fiber pelleting,as sawdust,peanut hull,palm residue, beet pulp, rice hull, cotton stalk, cotton seed hull,rank grass all kinds of crop straw and other fiber waste are with light density,low cohesion rate and hard to form pelleting.

The Biomass machine set with low investment cost,coverted into small mobile unit. It is convenient to produce and reducing crops transportation cost.

Engineering case:


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