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New Bangladesh livestock, poultry and aquatic feed project
Font: Large Small   Date: 2019/08/16

Recently, ZhengChang was invited to attend the opening ceremony of RUMI FISH INDUSTRIES in Bangladesh. As the partner of RUMI for the latest feed production line, ZhengChang has won the high recognition with advanced equipment, high quality engineering and excellent after-sales service, opening a new chapter of strategic cooperation between the two sides.



RUMI is located in Gopalganj, Bangladesh, mainly engaged in livestock, poultry and aquatic feed. It has a certain market competitiveness for Khulna area in southern Bangladesh with high quality products and services.

With comprehensive advantages in machinery manufacturing, technological innovation and feed formula design, ZhengChang tailored 7t/h livestock and poultry feed line, 2t/h shrimp feed line, 3t/h floating fish feed line and a sinking fish feed line for RUMI.


Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill

Advanced structure and smooth operation.
Produce both sinking and floating shrimp feed.

Vertical Micro-pulverizer

Reach perfect balance between fineness and production.
Once crushing mesh ≤∅1.8, grease content ≤8%, moisture content ≤10.5%. For crushing fineness, 95% passing through 80 meshes, output 2-9 t/h.

Aquatic Feed Extruder

The new type conditioner can soften material fibers, improve gelatinization degree, reduce power consumption and increase production capacity.
Intelligent control system, key data on-line monitoring, improve efficiency.

Double-shaft Efficient Mixer

Many kinds of liquid and solid can be added at the same time. The spraying is accurate and the control is convenient.


Through the introduction of automated, intelligent equipment, the project can significantly reduce the labor costs and improve the production efficiency for the customer.

During the installation process, in line with customer’s production needs, ZhengChang team patiently trained the customer’s operators. Under the condition that the local installation team was not good enough, the team took the lead in guiding the construction and rectification work of the whole workshop, and communicated with the company designer to provide design rectification plan. In addition, ZhengChang team attached great importance to the commission work and solved the problems at the first time to ensure the smooth progress of production.


Throughout the project, ZhengChang team was always meticulous, serious and responsible, and finally won the high recognition from customer with standardized project design, high-quality installation technology and strict installation standards.

ZhengChang has always listed “Create Value for the Customers” as the first priority. From such angles as research, development and design, integrated solutions, services, channels, etc., we aim at providing long-term, stable, competitive assurance and we are dedicated to becoming the most trustworthy cooperative partner of our customers.

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