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Project Tracking丨The World-class CITIC-Belarus Feed Project
Font: Large Small   Date: 2019/07/26


Recently, the Belarus agro-industrial complex project — the comprehensive equipment supply and construction of "high-grade feed (pig, chicken, cattle and sheep) production line with an annual output of 600,000 tons" and "450,000-ton steel silo project" — undertaken by ZHENG CHANG has been carried out.

On December 17, 2018, Mr. Bo Hao, Chairman of ZHENG CHANG Group and CITIC Construction successfully signed a contract for the feed production line of the Belt and Road Belarus agro-industrial complex project.


High-grade feed production line(annual output of 600,000 tons)


450,000-ton steel silo


The commencement ceremony


The project is the unanimous decision of Belarus National Biological Group and CITIC Group after nearly two years of research and investigation on numerous feed equipment, storage equipment and complete system service providers at home and abroad.


Belarus agro-industrial complex project, a milestone for the development of ZHENG CHANG and the international market, is the largest and most advanced agro-industrial complex project in the Belt and Road.


For the project, ZHENG CHANG will give full play to its comprehensive industrial advantages in machinery manufacturing, technological innovation, feed formula design, feed production and warehousing capacity, so as to provide stable and reliable products, projects and services for the strategic construction of “the Belt and Road”.

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