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How to achieve strategic upgrading through intelligent innovation
Font: Large Small   Date: 2019/04/26

On the way of continuous innovation and development of feed enterprises, the goal of intelligent control is formulated by the groups themselves, designed and customized to solve the pain points and different needs of feed factories. It mainly includes efficiency increasing, quality improving, safety, reliability, controllability, economy and environmental protection.


How can feed factories improve their market competitiveness and lead the development trend through intelligent upgrading and transformation?

Intelligent Quality Control System - Equipment


With the arrival of industry 4.0, intelligentization and automation for feed factory have become the development trend, in order to improve the efficiency and competitiveness, feed plants need to open up the data platform from production,  technology, marketing, service to quality control, etc., to realize the "transparency" of enterprise management, service and operation, and realize the data link of the whole process from raw materials to finished products.


Main equipment automatic control system


ZHENG CHANG automatic control system can provide a variety of control mode: single interlocking and automatic control of the process on the computer screen, and manual operation and on-site operation test of electric cabinet. Strong communication function can be connected with the packing scale, electric meter of each section and internal loadometer to realize statistics and other communication interface. Rich report functions include equipment operation records, alarm records, daily, weekly and monthly report of all kinds of raw materials, finished products and formulation, data management of each bin and bidirectional traceability, greatly reducing the labor cost, improving production efficiency and further expanding the market advantages of feed enterprises.

Intelligent Quality Control System - Ingredient mixing

The quality is controllable and the efficiency is improved during bathing


1. The ingredient formula has the function of quality control input or remote import. It has automatic reminding when replacing the formula during production.
2. Intermittent production of ingredients has traceability.
3. It has the function of removing the tare to ensure the net weight batching.



Automatic scheduling and material requirement plan reminding


1. It can automatically count the weight of raw materials needed for formula.
2. The ingredient data can be connected with enterprise SAP or financial system to provide management basis.


Intelligent Quality Control System - Dust Explosion-proof

1. Safe operation and automatic interlocking function.
2. Periodic maintenance reminding function of the equipment easy to spark.
3. Test of equipment safety.
4. Dust test of dangerous areas.


When feed enterprises choose technical innovation strategy, only by choosing competitive products to lead themselves to the right direction of development, through creating differentiated equipment and technology to seize the opportunity, help enterprises enhance the competitiveness.

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