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Latest Piglet Feed Production Line Constructed by ZHENG CHANG
Font: Large Small   Date: 2018/02/27
In August 2017, ZHENG CHANG group cooperated with zhenghong group for the third time. ZHENG CHANG used patented 338 maturing piglet process to build a harvest production line with happiness.
Zhenghong group is the earliest restructuring and listing joint-stock enterprise in Chinese feed industry, a large enterprise group mainly engaged in research & development, sales of feed products, owning a number of independent intellectual property rights. Besides feed processing, Zhenghong is also engaged in pig breeding, meat processing, biological veterinary medicine and import & export trade.
ZHENG CHANG group rebuilt machinery for 7 Zhenghong’s subsidiary companies and increased 420 production line for Nan lin Zhenghong. During the two cooperation before, Zhenghong group witnessed the high-quality service and excellent technology of ZHENG CHANG, especially our core principle "creating value for customers".
ZHENG CHANG maturing process was chosen and recognized by Zhenghong, which has 6 quality performance:
1. Produce 7-21 days piglet feed.
2. Piglet does not need to have many meals but little food at each, saving the breeding cost.
3. Eliminate anti-nutrition factors in raw materials, reduce the urease enzyme in soybean meal and no diarrhea, increase survival rate.
4. Medium temperature + low temperature pelleting process keep the activity of the functional material in raw materials, realize the value of nutritionist formula. Pigs will not get inflamed and grow fast after eating it.
5. It makes pig feed taste well, sweet, crisp and nutritious, further increases piglet feed intake.
6. Increase piglet feed intake, the total amount of feeding reaches 525-700g, improve the absorb ability of piglet’s digestive tract. Usually, piglet can increase their weight with 1kg and pig can increase 10kg.
ZHENG CHANG has been committed to build "a harvest production line with happiness” for customers, ZHENG CHANG maturing piglet feed process has acquired national patent after 13 years in research, experiment, improvement and development, providing the technology and equipment for the differentiation competitive advantage in national feed industry.
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