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Upgrading conveyor
TGSS Series Large Type En-Masse Conveyor
Product details


• It is widely used in horizontal or inclined conveying of materials in port, harbor, silo, feed and other industries. It is suitable for multi-point feeding and discharging.

• Equipped with over-load starting device, anti-blocking and anti-chain-breaking alarm device, to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment.

• The guide rail is made of specially treated wear-resisting material or laid with wearable plate, which has long life and low noise.

• The scraper is made of polyurethane materials, which is wear-resisting, low noise.

• Chains are patented products of our company with high strength, wear-resistant and long delivering distance.

• The tail is equipped with chain tensioning device, easy operation and reliable sealing. 

• Equipped with anti-blocking device and speed monitoring system.

• The scraper is equipped with adjustable or support device, beautiful appearance, easy installation and maintenance.

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