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Upgrading conveyor
TDTG Series Fast (Slow) Bucket Elevator
Product details


 It is widely used for vertical conveying of materials in port, harbor, silo, warehouse, feed and other industries.

 The head wheel is coated with refined rubber, which is wear-resistant and skid-proof, improves transmission efficiency, and has a certain slope on the surface to effectively prevent the belt from running off.

 The assembly-type observation window and went are safe and reliable, and can be equipped with two-cylinder small pulse dust removal to effectively prevent dust explosion.

 Equipped with stop reversing device or auxiliary transmission device to effectively prevent blockage caused by shutdown, which is easy for installation and maintenance.

 The barrel adopts special folding process with high strength and good sealing performance.

 Equipped with high strength and light weight plastic bucket, light weight and wear-resistance, improves output and reduces energy consumption.

 Using high strength bucket belt or PVC bucket belt, low elongation, high durability and reliability.

 The machine base can be installed with along or reverse feeding hopper to meet different needs of users.

 The frame tensioning device adopts gravity tensioning or screw tensioning.

 Optional automatic deviation alarm and speed monitoring system.

 All parts impacted by materials are equipped with removable wearable plate.


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