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Upgrading conveyor
DDQ Series Air-cushion Conveyor
Product details


 It is widely used in horizontal or inclined conveying of materials in port, harbor, silo, warehouse and other industries.

 The air-cushion conveyor uses a thin film instead of the roller, which greatly improves the operating conditions of the belt and reduces the friction resistance.

 The Air-cushion conveyor is a fully enclosed structure, featuring small dust, low noise, green environmental protection, which in line with the needs of modern industry.

 The head wheel adopts refined rubber coating, the friction coefficient is large, which can effectively prevent slipping and run off, and improve the transmission efficiency.

 The tail adopts the full-sealed self-cleaning returning device, which can effectively solve the problem of material accumulation in the tail.

 According to the length and working condition of the equipment, the screw tensioning mode, fixed rail type gravity tensioning mode, etc. can be adopted.

 Equipped with reasonable access port, observation window and dust-proof port to measure the speed and prevent deflection and blockage.


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