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Post curing
SWGZ Series Stabilizing and Drying Combined Machine
Product details

Product introduction:

1. Stabilizing and drying in one body, simplifying the technology layout. 
2. The curing extent further improved,good gelatinization effect and better quality.
3. Compact structure,high degree automatization,convenient operation and maintenance.
4. Mainly used for fish feed with water great decline ,post curing of shrimp feed and drying.Not only improve feed water resistance, but also reach the requirement of water great decline.

Technical datas:

Type Model SWGZ4/4a SWGZ5
Volume of stability chamber(m3) 4 4
Production capacity(t/h) 1.5-3 2-4
Heat preservation time(h) 0.8-1.4 1-1.6
Power(kw) 1.5+0.75+0.55 0.37+0.75*2+1.1


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