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TBLMFa Box Cylinder Pulse Dust Remover
Product details

Product introduction:

1. Use special square air bag to connect solenoid valve directly, reduce damage of solenoid valve diaphragm,stable and reliable operation.
2. High technology and high-quality product,innovative structure,compact technology.
3. Double wind inlet, flexible technology layout and small occupation area.
4. High dust cleaning efficiency is ≥99.9%.
5. Filter bags have superfine,temperaturer-resistant,damp-resisting and antistatic for option, users can choose it according to their requirement.

Technical datas:

Type Model Power(kw)
TBLMFa9 0.75
TBLMFa12 1.1
TBLMFa15 2.2
TBLMFa21 3
TBLMFa24 3
TBLMFa28 3
TBLMFa32 5.5
TBLMFa40 5.5
TBLMFa48 7.5
TBLMFa56 15
TBLMFa64 15


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