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Pellet mill
SZLH1068 Pellet Mill with the Highest Production Capacity of 45-55T/H
Product details

Produce both feed particles and health powder feed.

Adopted split driving wheel, air shaft and inner diameter can be changed by replacing fewer parts.

Main drive bearing adopted temperature monitoring system to guarantee the equipment running safely.

Optimize the ratio between ring die and roller, which increase the speed, improve production efficiency and reduce the power consumption.

Roller Automatic Adjusting System can realize gap adjustment without stop-working, improve work efficiency and production efficiency.

Oil Circulation Cooling Lubricating System improves cooling and lubricating effect of the key shaft in the main driving system to make sure the equipment work stably in a long time.

The whole equipment realize automatic control of water, steam, electricity and temperature.

Type            Main Power(kw)  Production Capacity(t/h)  Feeder Power(kw)  Conditioner Power(kw)  Die Diameter(mm)  

SZLH1068      355/400/450          45-55                                         4                                 15+22                           1068            

 Pellet Size(mm)   Φ2- Φ12

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