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TEL: 0086 21 64184200
FAX: 0086 21 64163299

Group Profile

Zhengchang, established in 1918, has made constant innovations in feed machinery industry and accumulated a wealth of experience in tackling the various challenges facing feed companies and, more importantly, is able to offer a range of comprehensive solutions. Zhengchang has now evolved into China's largest manufacture of feed machinery and has 16 branches in China with over 1300 staff and more than thirty offices all over the world.


Zhengchang to date has successfully constructed more than 2,000 turnkey projects world around the world, covering fields of poultry and livestock feed, aquatic feed, pet feed, premix feed, sawdust pellet, fertilizer, silo storage, pasture, electrical control and garbage treatment, etc. Zhengchang projects are designed to deliver to the client higher feed quality, higher overall capacity and more profits.

Zhengchang have conquered challenges one after another for the customers and accumulated rich experience in the past 90 years. We are now making great endeavors to apply our latest achievements to feed, pasture, environment protection, fertilizer, sawdust shaping industries.


Zhengchang is more than a professional partner who can provide advanced machinery, technology and management ideas. It is also a truly problem solver who knows you well during your development.

Zhengchang is with you every step of the way.

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