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SWLD Series Belt Magnetic Separation Feeder
Product details

Product introduction:

1. With variable speed conveying, providing constant load for grinder and electric motor,improving efficiency,conveniently used for load autocontrol of grinders.
2. Strong permanent magnet can clean sundries containing iron automatically and continually,reduce the replacement of grinder sieve and shorten the time of stopping machine to clean iron,improve efficiency and increase safety.
3. With belt conveying and level flashboard, providing full width continual equal feeding for grinder, improving grinding efficiency.

Technical datas:

Type Model Power Width of conveying belt(t/h) Width of conveying belt Input and output dimension(mm)
SWLD35 1.1 16 350 305*280
SWLD40 1.1 20 400 355*280
SWLD55 1.1 28 550 508*280


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