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Feed Engineering

Top-grade suckling pig feed production line

Strive exclusively advanced development,every little rationalization

Engineering Introduction:

Key technologies:


How to design the processing plan of top-grade pig feed,suckling pig feed and

appetizer with the high quality in low cost


How to base on suckling pig’s need, choose the grinder with the function of clearing stones?

How to choose probiotics expansion and pillet in low-temperature technique , clearing thermal sensitive materials 100%, as antinutritional factors, urase and support vitamin in corn and soybean?


How to use low temperature extrusion and expansion processing technique to improve the feed quality and reduce the loss of nutritionUse the hypoxia sterilization conditioning treats the post pelleting technology to kill all kinds of bacteria effectively, have a good effect on vitamin effective retaining?




Case demonstration:

Fujian Jinxinnong

Beijing Xiangda

Xuzhou xinchan

Linyi huanshan

Shuanghui Group
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