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High Efficiency SPHS 130×2 Double-screw Aquatic Feed Extruder
Product details

 High Efficiency SPHS 130×2 Double-screw Aquatic Feed Extruder


New technology with high intelligence

Precise and unique double-screw structure increases oil content up to 22%.

Increase the absorption rates of oil for animals.

Advanced die hole distribution and structure make pellets uniform and smooth. 

Use PLC Touch Screen Technology, realizing automatic operation. 

High-quality with low energy consumption

Long service life, main wearing parts and gear5000h.

It can process fast sinking material (such as shrimp feed) with about 30% starch.

Produce 100% floating feed and 100% sinkable feed only with a kind of screw.  

Reduce the dependence of feed formula, save the cost of raw materials.

The output of sinking feed can be increased by 10% to 20%.




Main Power(kw)

Production Capacity(t/h)



280(for small pellets)

2-5     0.8 die hole   Floating & sinkable feed


9-14    3-8 die hole   Floating feed

7-9     3-8 die hole   Sinkable feed

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