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Distributing and packing scale
SDBY-P Belt Rationing Packing Scale
Product details

Product introduction:

1. SDBY-P belt rationing packing scale use imported double-speed motor to drive belt feeding.High accuracy weighing display meter,imported PLC and high accuracy simulative weighing sensor form weighing control system. Suitable for poor fluidity materials,for example,small lumpy material, ball materials,coarse powder materials and common wholesome feed. The scale widely used in 

feed,grain,medicine,cement,grease and chemistry industries with fully enclosed feeding mechanism,the weighing mechanism and receiving hopper have systemic air scoop to prevent dust overflowing effectively,ensure the dust density of working condition, the pressure inner the scale body keeps balanced with outside,avoiding current affecting the precision of weighing.

2. Suitable feeding mechanism ensures materials flow quickly.

All parameters input through the panel.

3. Fast and slow feeding, rationing clipping bag and loose bag all by automatic control.

4. Imported intelligent weighing meter displays gross weight and net weight simultaneity.

5. Automatic peeling function.

6. Automatic zero tracking.

7. Automatically test and modify weighing errors.

8. Display gross weight,net weight and accumulated bags,realizing quantitative management in the production process,connected with computer or printer.

9. The system has dust air scoop to improve working condition.


Technical Datas:

Feeding form: fast and slow motors, material regulating valve and belt drive

Suitable scope: concentrate feed, flake chemical material, fibroid biofertilizer and pellet material

Packing speed: 7-10pkgs/min

The precision of packing: 0.2% 

Packing range: 10-100kg/pkg

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