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Distributing and packing scale
SDBY-F Rationing Packing Scale
Product details

Product introduction:

1. Two lines display, gross weight and net weight displayed at the same time.
2. Special meter uses international advanced SMT technology with compact structure and reliable operation.
3. Target weight can be revised at will and inputted by pressing panel's keys and stored in memorizer.
4. The target weight has the function of power-off protection.
5. Automatic zero tracking.
6. Manual or automatic peeling function.
7. Use software to realize all digital calibration.
8. Export relevant signal through RS-232C output.
9. The switching rate is up to 120times/second.
10. Special R.C absorption circuit makes electric control parts work more safe and reliable.
11. Automatic packing and count.
12. Built-in PLC microcomputer, realizing automatic control of packing.
13. Have arches breaker,realizing manually or automatically break arches.
14. Extending start time adjusted steplessly.
15. Automatically track impact weight.

Technical Datas:

Feeding form: double motors, big or small screw conveyors and intercept control valve feeding.
Suitable scope: concentrate feed,premix feed and chemical powder feed
Packing speed: 6-10 pkgs/min
The precision of packing: 0.2%
Packing range: 10-100kg/pkg

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