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Distributing and packing scale
SDBY-II(S)Series Rationing Packing Scale
Product details

Product introduction:

1. Use high accuracy weighing display controlling meter,Japan Mitsubishi PLC programmable controller and special R.C absorption circuit to form advanced controlling system. Stable performance,low failure rate,accurate weighing,high degree of automation.Just give start signal,finish the whole process of clipping bag,fast or slow feeding, loose bag and count automatically.
2. Use special fast or slow feeding mechanism,utilize customized double stroke cylinder to finish fast or slow feeding process,ensure weighing accuracy, meanwhile,the opening width of feeding door could be adjusted manually,achieving perfect unification of weighing speed and precision.
3. The top part of scale body use special arches breaker, ensure materials don't knot arches,improve weighing speed.
4. The scale hopper use current taper, assembled with two HSX cantalever girder style simulative hanging weighing sensors which are nonlinear errors,little lag error,
little repeatability error and little creep error. The sensor signal access special design junction box,adjust the circuit board to regulate the scale balance,ensure weighing accuracy. Each side of scale hopper use a piece of steel cable,one end  fastened to the scale hopper,the other end fastened to the box, preventing the scale hopper shaking and adjusting the scale hopper balance. The door of scale hopper is made of two pieces of baffle plates. When the scale hopper is entirely closed,the proximity switch provides closed door signal,preventing the false operation occurring. The cylinder equipped with a binding bar, when the cylinder is closed,the door doesn't misplace and ensure two doors close at the same time. The side of scale hopper has a opened door for maintenance and cleaning residual materials and dust.
5. Bag clip is controlled by pneumatic operation,worker puts bag into bag clip holder, when clip bag,touch the proximity switch,the bag clip clamps bag automatically.
When have discharging signal,loose bag automatically after extending an interval, the extended time adjusted steplessly by time relay. The proximity switch replaces the foot switch, prevent false operation effectively and more reliable operation.
6. Specially design a clapboard in the receiving hopper, the feed opening divided into two parts with different size, feeding from the big opening part,the bag air goes up from the small opening part,improving feeding speed and preventing dust rising,ensure weighing accuracy.
7. Dust proof system
With fully enclosed feeding mechanism,the weighing mechanism and receiving hopper have systemic air scoop to prevent dust overflowing effectively,ensure the dust density of working condition, the pressure inner the scale body keeps balanced with outside,avoiding current affecting the weighing accuracy.

Technical Datas:

1. Weighing range: 10~50kg/pkg,big weighing range
2. Weighing speed: 6~8pkgs/min
3. The precision of weighing: The precision of static is higher than 0.1%,the precision of dynamic is higher than 0.2%.

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