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Distributing and packing scale
SPLG-W Microelement Distributing Scale
Product details

Product introduction:

1. Control 1-4 scales to work at the same time,the premix scale and distributing scale can start and stop separately at any time,convenient and flexible.
2. Entirely in Chinese Man-Machine Interface,colour simulative display,
be clear at a glance.
3. Set and revise mixing time,additive adding time, liquid additive and all kinds of parameter.
4. When failure happens, the scale stop automatically and has audible alarms, simulative display screen prompts failure information, running from the breaking point after cleaning failure .
5. Print production reports.

Technical Datas:

Weighing Range(KG): 5,10,25
The precision of weighing: static 0.1FS% dynamic 0.3FS%

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